Hi, AWS Questers!

Welcome to AWS Quest, an online puzzlehunt following AWS blog robot Ozz on the road to re:Invent.

Readers of the blog may recall that earlier in the year, we recruited your help in solving a series of puzzles to reassemble Ozz. Now that Ozz is back together, the little robot’s determined to make it to re:Invent. Unfortunately, when we told Ozz about the trip, we weren't specific on the route, so instead of traveling east from Seattle to Las Vegas, Ozz decided to head west.

You can follow Ozz’s road to re:invent each day with a new puzzle at Each new puzzle launches at noon in the time zone Ozz is visiting. On that page, you’ll also find resources for working with the community to help decrypt these devious puzzles.

When you solve a puzzle, input your answer below to see if you're correct. If you're right, you'll see Ozz's souvenir!